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One Response to “About”

  1. Amerisrael Says:


    Found out about your blog while listening to a podcast of “Out of Mormonism” at the Concerned Christians site.

    Nice blog! Really like it.

    In reading your posts about the danger of Islam, couldn’t agree more. There is a leftist/Islamist alliance in this country.

    The left joins political forces with Islamists because they also hate America’s Judeo / Christian roots, values, and beliefs.

    It is ironic because many of these leftist groups would become the first targets of eradicatiion by Islamists if they ever achieved population and political dominance.

    While Mormonisn does not pose the physical / violent / stealth jihad danger to America that Islam does, the “spiritual danger” is the same.

    That is what the vast majority of the public is not aware of.

    It amazzes me to no end when I hear folks like Brit Hume and Sean Hannity of Fox News say that Mormons are also Christians. Yes, I have heard them say so.

    How can these intelligent smart folks be so clueless about Mormonism? You would think they could, [would], have done the research.

    There are many America loving patriotic Mormons like Beck who are “good”, but unless they come to a knowledge of the true “Biblical” gospel, accept the forgiveness of sins “in this life” from Yeshua[Jesus], they won’t go to Heaven. They will be spiritually lost, separated from God forever.

    From a spiritual standpoit, Mormonism is just as dangerous as Islam.

    We have a lot of work to do, to cut through the false propaganda and deception, to wake folks up about Islam and Mormonism in this country.

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