More on Islamic Terror

I’ve read a number of newspaper articles and online posts recently from a variety of sources, both conservative and liberal, and it amazes me how the liberals in our country and elsewhere just don’t seem to “get it” about Islamic violence. Instead, it is always brought up by the liberal factions that either the violence was brought on by aggressive actions against Islam, or by offending Muslims in one way of another, or that whoever was on the receiving end of the violence “deserved” it. Corollary to those notions is the ever popular assertion that “only radical Islamists or Islamic nutcases” are ever responsible for the violence/acts of terror. If that is indeed the case, just how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of “radicals” or “nutcases” are there? Are we to believe that Islam, in spite of its claims of being a religion of peace, should be more appropriately be called a religion with a lot of radicals, and that they seem to have far more radicals than all of the other religions put together? Exactly how many of the thousands of acts of violence committed every year are we to credit to “nutcases”? Could it not be the case that many of the acts of violence or terrorism are actually endorsed by the Islamic leaders as being legitimate acts ordered by Allah as dictated by the Qu’ran and that they might actually be encouraging their followers to engage in those acts to carry out the will of Allah for the world? Excuse me if I am possibly in error but that is certainly the way it appears to me, based on what I have learned about Islam and its history since its beginnings in the 7th century. I will grant that the level of violence seems to be at a lower level than during the first few centuries, but then it seemed to rise again toward the end of the 19th century through the 1950’s, then slow for awhile, and then in the 1970’s, start increasing again. Are we headed again toward some kind of new world conflict where we will see a modern battle between Islamic forces and the “infidels” (read non-Muslims and Christians who refuse to submit/convert to Islam)? It is starting to look that way to me. Whether through the “verbal jihad” of the Ahmadi Muslims or the very real jihad of the other sects, as well as the assertions from the Islamic world that only the Qu’ran has the pure word of God, there appears to be a very real battle line being formed, and the non-Muslim people of the world would be well-advised to stand up for their way of life or risk losing it to the “converting sword” of Islam.

I realize that this sounds more than a bit dramatic and alarmist, but all one needs to do is look at what has already happened in Europe other countries around the world where Islam has taken root and one can see that as far as Islam is concerned, there indeed is no religion other than Islam and no God other than Allah and that those who resist face probable violence and/or death.

Again, those from the liberal and/or Islamic side of things will try to insist that Christians are no better, that they have committed just as many grievous acts of terror as the radicals of Islam, but frankly, the facts just don’t back their claims.  They also point to the Crusades, claiming that it ws the Christians who acted first, when in fact they only acted after at least 300 years or more of Islamic violence and murder of Christians and non-Muslims in Christian lands.  No my friends, the Crusaders were only trying to defend or rescue Christians and non-Muslims from death, rape, and torture at the hands of armies of Muslims.  Were those Muslims just radicals and not representative of Islam?

It is my fervent desire that through this blog and others in the future, the US will wake from its slumbers and take a firm stand against the alleged religion of peace. Personally, I don’t have anything against Islam, even though I thoroughly disagree with it and am convinced that it is a false religion, and I pray daily that the “people of the book” will some day open their hearts to the true God – the Holy God of the Bible, and leave Islam.


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