Glenn Beck – The New Face of Mormonism?

In one big stroke, Beck has all but claimed God, country, and patriotism for the Mormons, and now the Christian community will be forced into a “me too” sort of thing, possibly turning into a battle to see who can show themselves to be more patriotic, more faithful to God, etc. What’s that old saying – the last story teller never stands a chance? Also, the liberals and the atheist/agnostic crowd will get a big kick out of seeing Christians and Mormons at each other’s throats, if it indeed comes to that. It will also force the “religious right” Christians to take a long and hard look at their relationship with Mormons, Mormon support of conservative (read Republican?) candidates and conservative-sponsored legislation,  and Mormon money – which helps run the engines of many conservative  candidates. It’s a fact that Mormons have fully adopted the Republican Party and have contributed millions to Republican candidates and conservative causes for decades. It is also a fact that per capita, they generally show much more commitment to supporting conservative candidates and causes than many of their Christian counterparts. This then raises the question, are Christians as committed to telling the truth and sharing the Gospel as the Mormons are in telling their story and in sharing their false gospel? It also forces us to ask whether we are Christians in deed or in name only. Are we the lukewarm people which we are warned not to be, that Jesus will spit out of His mouth come judgment day? When will the “sleeping giant”, as Billy Graham calls us, finally wake up and take the stand that Christ wants us to take, to defend our Christian beliefs and to take back our country that is in its current sad state of affairs? I may be wrong but it seems to me that many Christians simply don’t care enough about things – aren’t upset and/or willing to get out of their “comfort zones” and take some heat,  to do more than occasionally gripe about it and then go on with their daily lives.  Could it be that the easy life that Christians have in the US has lulled us all into a deadly complacency so that we don’t take a stand on important issues anymore and just let the other side have their way?   Beyond that, doesn’t it now seem that many Christians, including some fairly prominent Christian leaders, think that either Beck is a Christian and we should leave him alone or that he is doing Christian work and we should leave him alone and not criticize what he is doing? 

Don’t get me wrong – last Saturday’s rally in DC was incredible and wouldn’t it be great if something similar could happen in every major city in the US.  That’s not my point.  When Glenn Beck speaks about God, he is talking about the Mormon god (I believe they call him Jehovah and/or “heavenly father”) and not the Christian God of the Bible.  When he talks about Jesus, again, he is talking about the Mormon version of Jesus and not the Jesus of the Bible.  So what, you might say.  So what indeed.  According to Mormon theology, their god (heavenly father, etc) is only one of billions that are all through the universe, unlike the God the Father who is the one and only Creator of the universe and everything in it.  Their Jesus is the spirit-brother of Lucifer, otherwise known as Satan, unlike the Jesus of the Bible, who is our Savior and is one with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit and reigns with them in heaven.

Beck may have even had a pure motive for doing last Saturday’s event that didn’t involve trying to generate converts to Mormonism. But, he IS a Mormon and a very dedicated one, and one whose mentor was a renegade Mormon with such unusual teachings, even for mainstream Mormonism, that Mormon leaders removed the man from BYU. Mormonism is NOT Christian, in spite of the Mormon claim that Mormonism is the one true church.  If you go to Beck’s website, just about every page has some sort of invitational phrase, offering to guide potential converts to Mormons or to Beck himself, who will help you on the path to Mormonism. As a good Mormon, it is his duty to try to convert everyone he can to Mormonism, and that is a fact. He has a Mormon agenda, one that includes trying to re-write the history of the American Indians, as well as trying to establish as fact the Mormon claim that the American Indians are somehow descended from the “lost tribes of Israel”, contrary to well-established fact. In his attempts to do so, he has lumped the US government, institutions like the Smithsonian, and others, in a massive conspiracy to in his words “re-write the history of the American Indians”, and claims that they are the ones in error, citing a plethora of bogus information and pseudo-scientific “evidence” from LDS sources, most of them with absolutely no legitimate credentials whatsoever. The problem is that absolute lack of credible evidence doesn’t matter to Mormons, because they are driven by their feelings and their “testimony”, which then trumps all scientific, historical, archaeological, and any other kind of solid evidence which calls into question any of their beliefs. It was either Brigham Young or one of the other early leaders who stated that they will have their own history, their own math, their own literature, their own science, and basically their own reality.

You will notice that so far, the LDS leadership have been extremely quiet regarding Beck, but in many of the “unofficial” LDS websites, they are openly praising him and his efforts to evangelize our corrupt nation and expose it to Mormonism. He has also possibly turned into one of the biggest threats to liberalism in the US, and that has the liberals and the atheists/agnostics in a total uproar. In fact, I believe that they may now be more infuriated with Beck than Palin, as well as at the people who have been chanting “Palin – Beck for President and VP”.

So what next? What do we do to counter the Mormon threat? I call it a threat because Mormons would have us believe that their church is the only true Christian church and Mormonism is trying to pass itself off as Christianity, much like a chameleon changes its colors to blend in with its surroundings, and it is doing a very good job.  The answer is very simple – do what Christ said to do – the Great Commission. Share the gospel with everyone. Raise our children in a truly Christian home and lead them by a Christian example. Perhaps most importantly, live our Christian faith and take a stand for our beliefs and our country. Talk to our Mormon neighbors and try to show them the truth about Mormonism in a loving manner and not in an insulting or egotistical way. We must be as committed and willing to preach the truth as the Mormons are to preach their false doctrine.  Pray and ask for God’s enabling power, bathing the whole process in prayer.  After all, with God nothing is impossible.  Don’t ever be discouraged.  As it says in Romans chapter 8: 38, 39, “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus”. 

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