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Glenn Beck: The New LDS Apologist?

August 25, 2010

This is weird.  Glenn Beck, who became a Mormon a few years back, is now using his program to promote Mormon archaeology.  If you click on these links you can view it.  He also has a conspiracy theory about how science, government, commerce, and religion, not in the least, the Smithsonian Institute, purposefully altered history.   My good friend Kurt Van Gorden sent me the links below, as well as the descriptions of what he is saying in the videos.

            In the first video, about half way through, I about fell out of my chair when Beck referenced Adair’s History of the American Indians ( imagine! ) as proof of similarity between Native American ceremonies and Israelites.  He forgot to mention that it predates the BOM by several decades (It was written arounde 1765!).  He then ties the Egyptian pyramid math to the Indian mounds (only FARMS and the Maxwell Institute have ventured in this arena, which instantly identified his sources for me).  Then in the second video, he uses the fraudulent Newark Stone and the fraudulent Bat Creek stone Hebrew inscriptions as proof of Hebrew among the Indians.  He dismisses the claims of fraud as a Smithsonian conspiracy to demean the intelligence of the Native American.  You’ve got to see it to believe it.  Modern science has abundantly proven the origin of the American Indians, yet Beck is still using a fairy tale written by Adair as “proof” of the authenticity of the Book of Mormon!

            One more thing.  Notice that when he discusses scalping of Colonialists and Indians, he makes the sweeping statement, “Even Puritan Ministers” scalped for money.  Now get this.  Here he is trying to tell us that people have changed history to benefit themselves, but he just did the same here.  There is no evidence that “Puritan Ministers” (plural) scalped Indians for money.  There is evidence that one Puritan minister (singular) did such, which was carried in a story in the Boston Globe (Boston Globe, Date: 12/31/2000 Page: B10 Section: Metro/Region.)  How is that for Beck changing history?  If this is Beck’s style for the new untainted history, then give me the old history any day.

Has Glenn Beck become the new “face” of LDS apologetics?